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About Storage Solution Dubai


The Box Delivers A Personal Approach To Personal Storage

23 July 2011


With the addition of value added services, The Box in Bahrain makes personal storage a whole lot more personal and customizable.

The Box has been offering a wide variety of personal storage solutions in the past, and the services that their competitors offer have only paled in comparison to The Box’s unique customer centric services. A couple of years ago The Box opened up in Bahrain with the customer being the centre their focus and with this strategy through time, they have successfully increased their loyal customer base.

The Box now offers a long list of value added services which make personal storage experience of the customer even more personal. First off, their storage units can be customized as per the customers needs and if the customer is in a hurry they have a set list of small medium and large storage units which the customer can avail of. Their storage units are available in AC and NON-AC forms as per the customer’s preferences and with good lighting and trolleys and trucks for the do-it-yourselfer. ondly their friendly concierge services take care of their customers when they are leaving the country by taking care of their bags, suitcases and boxes. One of The Box’s main assets is their customer service be it with personal storage or commercial storage solutions their customer service is what keeps their customers and clients coming back over and over. Security is never a concern for The Box’s customers, with 24-hour CCTV and infra-red surveillance systems in place and security guards,their customers know that their goods are safe and secure giving them peace of mind at all times.

The Box even offers storage solutions for their moving customers giving them storage units in case there is a problem with moving in on the customer’s side. Thus it is truly very hard to find a personal storage company in Bahrain like The Box. They are as of today the first choice of that every commercial or residential group considers before thinking of any other storage company in Bahrain. They have a simple interpretation of customer service and that is to exceed each customer’s expectations by default and always try to better themselves every single time. To know more about The Box and it wide variety of services, kindly visit them online at:



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